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Discover the Rich and Colorful Celebrations of March Around the World With Nommli

by Padmini Chintakayala on Mar 03, 2023

Discover the Rich and Colorful Celebrations of March Around the World With Nommli

March is a month of celebration around the world, with festivals and holidays dedicated to culture, food, and more. From India to Argentina, explore all the delicious food holidays celebrated in March and get your orders delivered directly to you. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing festivities taking place this month!

India: Holi Festival

Also known as “the festival of colors” or “the festival of love”, Holi is one of the most important festivals in India celebrated by Hindus on the full moon day in March. It marks the end of winter and welcomes spring with colorful powder being thrown in the air. As part of this unique festival, special treats such as gujiyas (fried dumplings stuffed with sweetened khoya) are enjoyed by everyone.

Malta: Feast Of St Joseph

The Feast Of St Joseph is one of Malta's biggest annual celebrations held on March 19th every year. This religious holiday celebrates St Joseph who was believed to have saved Malta from famine during 1614-1616 by bringing wheat (known as ‘il-qamh’) from Sicily which he had acquired through divine intervention. Nowadays it is celebrated with a public holiday where families gather to share traditional Maltese dishes such as ftira (baked bread filled with tuna or olives), pastizzi (pastry filled with ricotta or mushy peas), timpana (pasta bake made with macaroni), and much more!

Argentina: Día de la Primavera

Día de la Primavera is a day that marks the official beginning of springtime in Argentina celebrated on September 21st every year. People usually celebrate by taking picnics out into nature while enjoying typical Argentinian dishes such as empanadas (flaky pastry filled with savory fillings like ground beef or ham & cheese). 


As we continue celebrating March around the world let’s not forget about all those wonderful holidays happening this month! Whether it be Holi Festival in India or Dia de la Primavera in Argentina – there are so many amazing events taking place around us that give us an opportunity to learn about different cultures through their cuisine. So don’t miss out – order now from Nommli to get all your favorite international delicacies delivered straight to your doorstep! Happy Celebrating!

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