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So delicious ordering again!

"Preparing the ramen was an absolute breeze even on a busy weeknight. The package came with easy-to-follow instructions, and in just a few minutes, I had a steaming bowl of delightful ramen ready to enjoy. Definitely ordering again!"

Ava B

Chicago, IL

Beautiful aromas in my kitchen

"Warming the curries and rice on the pan as they suggested filled up my kitchen with the beautiful aromas of the spices. Felt like a chef myself! Excellent choice for a quick and authentic Indian dining experience in the comfort of home."

Michael C

Mt Pleasent, WI

Great Indian flavors on pizza

"Heard of Indian, heard of Italian. Never heard of Indian style pizza before this. Absolutely loved all my favorite Indian flavors on the best comfort food of all time - pizza! Pizzas came frozen. All I had to do was to pop it in the oven for a few minutes before friends came in. Have another one in the freezer for a quick meal."

Lucas A

Des Moines, IA

Doubles down as a great meal and healthy snack

"Contents inside the insulated packaging were surprisingly cold despite the warm temperatures. We had it for dinner and the Jhol sauce was really good. We roasted some of the left over momos with butter the next day and enjoyed as healthy snack too"

Emma J

La Crosse, WI

Brings back Himalayan memories

"I traveled to India and Nepal couple of years ago and fell in love with their culture and food. The first bite of the momos with jhol sauce took me back straight to the mountains and the people. Absolutely loved the food!"

Steve S

Carmel, IN

Really good Indian meal, unlike any other!

"Tried a lot of different Indian restaurants before but this one was REALLY good. Lamb curry and Malai kofta were my personal favorites. The portion sizes were pretty good. We have enough curries and rice we will be enjoying for a lunch again. Definitely worth the price."

Sam N

Chicago, IL

Ramen is top of the line!

"This ramen is top of the line! Best i’ve had in a while. A friend who lives in the east coast once told me of these folks who are very popular in Japan. The moment I saw them here, I had to order. Sure it did not disappoint. Will order again!"

Amelia P

Lansing, MI

Was skeptical but not anymore!

"I was skeptical at first but took the chance since we are really bored of our local options. We ordered Mediterranean. Food was really good and the portions were generous"

Daniel H

Rochester, MN

Best Nigerian meal in a while

“Best Authentic African meal I had in a long time. I live in CA and never was able to find really good Nigerian food. So I jumped at the chance when I came across Nommli on my search. Food arrived in great condition and tasted great! Warming and storage instructions were very simple to follow. I even got couple of meals out of it.”


Sacramento, CA

Loved my Mediterranean meal

"I can never get enough Mediterranean and this meal did not disappoint. Instructions were simple to follow and the meal was ready to eat in minutes."

Randy K

Kansas City, Missouri

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