The road isn't straight,
but we're committed

At Nommli, we're deeply committed to sustainability and minimizing material wastage. That's why we use innovative non-toxic cold packs to keep your food chilled, ensuring they sustain colder temperatures longer than traditional ice. The cold packs we source are not only durable and reusable but also sealed in poly or foil laminated bags, filled with long-lasting viscous gel refrigerant made from FDA Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) ingredients.

We understand that recycling requirements and availability can vary by location, so we encourage you to familiarize yourself with your local recycling program. However, before resorting to recycling, consider the reuse and upcycling potential of our materials.

Cold Packs

Save them in the freezer or store at room temperature for use another time


  • Did you know that your freezer should be 70% full in order to run efficiently? So add some of those gel packs and save on electricity!
  • Reuse one of these bags as an ice pack for comforting minor injuries   
  • Alleviate headaches or backaches
  • Pack your food or milk for convenient on-the-go meals


  • Share these cold packs with nonprofits, as they can greatly benefit various institutions such as schools, preschools, and sports or dance programs where athletes require recovery support
  • Consider offering them to vendors at your local farmers market to help keep their produce and perishables cool during hot summer days
  • Reach out to community organizations like food banks, churches, Meals on Wheels, and others involved in food preparation and distribution to see if they could put these cold packs to good use


  • Recycle the outer plastic bags after cutting them open and removing the non-toxic gel into garbage


At room temperature

  • Utilize them as padding for fragile items stored in your kitchen, pantry, or attic
Corrugated Boxes

Reuse, Upcycle & Donate

  • Givebackbox  not only facilitates reusing your box but also allows you to fill it with gently used items and donate them to your preferred charity
  • Encourage your children's creativity to soar with these boxes. Build cars, forts, or even spacecraft together. Each box becomes a piece of the vehicle you design collaboratively!
  • Share with friends and family who may benefit from additional storage options


  • Break down the cardboard boxes and recycle
  • Earth911 will help you discover recycling centers in your area
Insulated Box Liners

The possibilities for reusing, recycling, or upcycling your liner depend on if it is a liner or thermal box panels. Whether you need insulation for hot or cold items, your liner can serve multiple purposes. Here are some suggestions we believe could benefit you, but feel free to explore beyond these ideas—let your imagination lead the way!

  • Concerned over milk, yogurt, or ice cream thawing out during your grocery or errand run? Simply utilize one of the liners next time for worry-free transportation
  • Protect fragile china, plates, and dishes by cutting the insulated box liners into sheets or simply using them to wrap and pack these items securely
  • Utilize as a sunshade for your car
  • Convert the insulated liners into sleeves for beverages to keep drinks cold on-the-go
  • The thermal box panels, crafted from recycled cotton fibers, offer versatile utility. They can serve as excellent padding for your dog's bed or an accent pillow, and also function effectively as plant liners, great at absorbing water

  • Taking safety into consideration, explore if the liners would be suitable for household insulation fixes. Consult an expert as needed.

Explore additional resources such as Zero Waste Sonoma and Upcycle Creative Reuse Center for valuable information and creative ideas tailored to your needs.