Frequently Asked Questions

Why Nommli?

We want to put the spotlight on ethnic food and bring to your notice the rich traditions and cultures around them. We want you to see and experience food for what it is and not just as a transaction. Come and experience nommlicious!


Why do I need food shipped from elsewhere?

Great question! Chances that you have had a burger that tastes exactly like a different burger joint are one in gazillion. That’s because every recipe is different.

Every recipe and restaurant has its own story and uniqueness. And that is what we want you to see. Rest be assured, you will fall in love with one of those you try!

When are the meals prepared?

Our restaurant partners prepare the meals to order! Just like in the restaurant. They cool and freeze to maintain the freshness before packaging into the bo

How is the food packaged?

Your meals arrive packaged carefully with insulation to maintain an optimal temperature for travel.

What do I do when the box arrives?

Unbox the meals as soon as you can. Follow the instructions of the meal to either leave them on the counter to thaw or refrigerate or freeze. Some foods require you to maintain a frozen temperature until heating/cooking while others require you to refrigerate or thaw. 

Should I expect thawing during transit?

Some thawing is expected during transit. In such cases, pop the food into the freezer soon after unpackaging.

That seems like a lot of food?

Our meals are generously portioned. Save them in the refrigerator or freeze per the instructions on your meal. Pull them out during a busy night and yet still enjoy the quality of a restaurant without ever having to leave home.