The history of Moroccan cuisine is as sophisticated and diverse as its aromas and flavours. The foods which Marrakech (and Morocco) are renowned for are the culmination of centuries of trade and cultural amalgamation. 

Of course, the history associated with Moroccan cuisine has also shaped the way its people eat their favourite meals, along with when and why they eat what they do. Here’s a more detailed look at its origins.

The Modern Menu & Practices of Marrakech and Morocco 

With so many nations and peoples contributing to Morocco’s culinary palette, it comes as no surprise that the country is renowned for its diverse menu. Many of Morocco’s dishes are known to offer a burst of contrasting flavours and textures, most notably sweet and crunchy. Additionally, there are specific ways the Moroccan people will eat these dishes, elevating ordinary meals into rich sensory experiences. 

Popular Moroccan Food & Beverage Options 

  • Chicken Tajine w/ Almonds and Prunes A popular dish served throughout Marrakech and all over Morocco, that’s sweet and tangy.  
  • Lamb Tajine w/Quince and Candied Walnuts – A sweet and zesty lamb dish that also packs a crunch due to the addition of walnuts. 
  • Kefta w/Baked Egg – A beef dish (resembling meatballs) served with eggs and various spices in a sauce (tomato is popular but it can vary). 
  • Charmoula Sardines – A plate of sardines filled with finely chopped and lightly spiced veggies. 
  • Pastilla  Although there are a variety of styles, pastilla generally takes the form of a meat pie consisting of chicken, cinnamon, sugar, egg and ground almonds. 
  • Moroccan Mint Tea – Also known as “Moroccan Whiskey”, Moroccan mint tea is the country’s most popular drink. It is a sweet beverage that the Moroccan people typically enjoy with various meals.  
  • Coffee – Moroccans enjoy a variety of blends and styles ranging from espresso to cappuccinos.