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Meal time traditions around the world

by Padmini Chintakayala on Feb 16, 2023

Meal time traditions around the world
Food has always been a big part of every culture. It’s not only about sustenance and nutrition, but also about traditions and connecting with one another. Mealtime traditions around the world vary greatly, from preparing meals to how they are served and eaten. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting mealtime traditions around the world.

In Korea, it is common to eat while sitting on cushions on the floor rather than at a table or chairs. This traditional style of dining is called “bansang,” which means “table setting.” This involves having several small dishes placed in the center of a low table so that everyone can share them while sitting on cushions or mats around the table. This type of dining allows for conversation and closeness among family members and friends during meal times.

In Japan, there is an etiquette for eating called “shokuyoku no rei,” which translates to “the manners of eating.” It includes guidelines for how to properly use chopsticks as well as how to behave during meals such as refraining from speaking with your mouth full and not reaching across the table for food items. There is also a unique way of drinking tea in Japan called “temae-cha,” which involves carefully preparing and serving tea in an elaborate ritual involving special tools including teapots, cups, scoops, strainers, trays, and other items.

In India there is a tradition known as “Rotis & Curry Night” where family members gather together once per week or month to enjoy traditional Indian dishes like roti (flatbread), curry (a spicy dish made with vegetables or meat), dal (a lentil soup), rice dishes, chutneys (a type of sauce), samosas (fried pastries filled with vegetables or meat) and other items. During these nights everyone takes turns cooking different dishes that they have prepared ahead of time so that they can be enjoyed together by all family members at once.

Mealtime traditions are an important part of many cultures around the world; they provide us with opportunities to connect with one another through food while learning about each other's customs and values. From sitting on cushions on low tables in Korea to enjoying Rotis & Curry night in India to performing elaborate tea ceremonies in Japan—there are countless ways that people around the world come together over food every day!

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